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Envol is the french word for “Take-off”.

We believe the world out there is full of experiences to live and achievements waiting to be fulfilled. We want to share our belief with you.

We deliver coaching and training for triathlon, swimrun, trail running, swimming, open water swimming, running, cycling and other endurance multi-sports, to both groups and individuals of all levels in Stockholm, Sweden.

Individual coaching

Wether you want to become a better swimmer, cyclist or runner, prepare yourself for your first triathlon or dream of a qualification to ÖTILLÖ, Envol tailors a training plan adapted to your level and objectives.
But being an Envol athlete is much more than that! Read more about Individual Coaching.

Training camps

Get stronger in stunning locations: Envol takes you swimming, biking and running in the sun of Southern France and Spain. Our training camps are famous for combining highly qualitative training with some fantastic food and wine tastings.

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I went from -100 to IronMan with Nicolas coaching.

“Hi, I am overweight, I can barely walk, and I won’t be able to get into the water for the next 2 weeks.”

That’s how it sounded when I contacted Nicolas in February 2016. In the middle of my IronMan training, when a small pain in the hip had turned into a septicemia. After some extensive surgery to clean it and assess if I would need a hip prosthesis, I wasn’t even sure if I would even be able to walk.

Nicolas adjusted my Ironman training plan to my challenges, and thanks to that, when I woke up at 3.30 in Kalmar on the morning of the 20th of August, I was ready.

That day, I knew the only fight for me would be against myself and my pain. On the marathon, I walked… for 7h30. But eventually, 15h in the race, I made it to the red carpet and the speaker came to me to say “Greg you are an Iroooooonman!!!”


From -100 to IronMan (in his own words)

Nico helps me structure my training so it fits my lifestyle

I met Nicolas back in 2014 when he was coaching me and my colleagues via Urban Tribes. A year later I signed up for my first sprint triathlon. I did ok but ok has never been enough for me… so I asked Nic to coach and to prepare me for a set of goals in 2016. He took me from sprint, via olympic, to half IronMan distance in less than six months, and with much better results.
And in 2017 I’m going full monty with IronMan Italy !!

Sebastien Frizzo 

Lawyer, father of 2, husband and triathlete

Nicolas gives me the best feedbacks!

I have always been active in my life, but I needed to restructure my training. I needed expertise to optimize the training load and gain perfect balance between hard workouts and easy ones, as well as an objective perspective on my weaknesses.
Nicolas only gives constructive feedbacks, regardless of if they are positive or negative. Besides he always explains the background behind his plan which helps to push when needed and take it easy when required.
I am injury free and stronger now, but most of all, confident that I can deliver at my best on D-day !

Diane Sadik

3rd place Ö till Ö mixed division, 1st place IronMan 70.3 Aix en Provence, 3rd place Ångaloppet swimrun, 5th place Vansbro triathlon SM

Team Envol

It has been over a year in the making, and we are finally proud to launch Team Envol, our very own Stockholm based Swimrun Club, powered by Envol Coaching!  Team Envol isn’t just a team, it is the first Swimrun club of its kind. Most important of all, it’s a group of...
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How to rise strong when you miss your goals.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series 2017 recap.   The ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series races are over for 2017. The plan to have a consistent swimrun season, starting with ÖtillÖ Hvar and racing all the ÖtillÖ series didn't work out. But at the end, it is all about the way we...
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ÖtillÖ 1000 Lakes with Guillaume Heneman

ÖtillÖ, the Swimrun World Championship, is behind now. I enjoyed a lot the adventure with my new partner Guillaume Heneman and we decided to try to another swimrun experience to keep fixing a few details.  We will represent Team Envol on Sunday at...
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Camp d’entrainement sur la route de l’ÖTILLÖ

En 2018, Envol Coaching organise 3 camps d'entrainements pour découvrir le mythique parcours de l'ÖTILLÖ. Encadrés par Nicolas Remires, Swimrunner français résidant en Suède, nous serons basés sur l'île d'Utö, ligne d'arrivée des championnats du Monde de swimrun. Le...
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Video: Get your Swimrun transitions right

Transitions are crucial in swimrun especially in short races or races with a big amount of transitions (like ÖtillÖ and its 52 transitions!) The best way to perfect them is to repeat. It is always the same routine. It doesn't require a lot of time of training, but if...
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