Take your training to new horizons with

Envol training camps.

We create your own personalized training camp

Gather your training friends, family or colleagues, pick a destination, pack your gear and off we go! 


With over 10 years of exprience organizing and leading training camps, we know the best cycling roads, the nicest beaches to swim and the toughest running trails in Barcelona, Mallorca, South-West France and the French riviera.


We typically recommand the most suitable flights, hotels, gear rental facilities and activities and let you book them as it allows for more flexibility. We can of course help you in the process!

Training plan

We base the training plan on your goals and levels to balance the right amount of different types of training with rest time. That way we guarantee that you get the most out of the camp, both when it comes to training and fun times!


Smaller groups means more time to coach you as an individual. More moments dedicated to practice and focus combined with my feedbacks make camps the best place for you to develop your technique and grow as an athlete.

Camp d’entrainement sur la route de l’ÖTILLÖ

En 2018, Envol Coaching organise 3 camps d'entrainements pour découvrir le mythique parcours de l'ÖTILLÖ. Encadrés par Nicolas Remires, Swimrunner français résidant en Suède, nous serons basés sur l'île d'Utö, ligne d'arrivée des championnats du Monde de swimrun. Le...
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March 24th to 26th: Sharpen your swimrun in Costa Brava

Are you training for an early season swimrun race? Take advantage of the warmer temperatures in Costa Brava to peak your training during our swimrun training camp in Barcelona over the week end of the 24th and 26th of March 2017. During these 3 days you will have the...
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