Pierre, Claire, Thierry and Olivier will compete in IM Copenhagen the 20th of August . It will be a big challenge for them and a great experience for Envol Coaching to organise the perfect training plan for four persons with different strengths and weaknesses.

Four friends living in Stockholm decided a few years ago to join some sport events together. Last summer the adventure brought them to Jönkoping HIM and that’s when they decided to step up to the full Ironman distances in 2017.

During 6 months, they will follow a structured training program and also have some group sessions to work specifically on some technical aspects of their race. The first group session, last month, was our first meeting and it was time to set some solid training routines (60 minutes home trainer ride with a focus on the pedal stroke and the cadence, followed by a 30 minutes off-bike run and a 20 minutes strength workout to finish).

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